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The Hills are Alive With the Scent of Whiskey

You're already in Park City so you might as well go to High West's big new fairytale distillery just up the highway in Wanship. the High West Saloon in Park City is probably too crowded anyway.

My first venture to High West Distillery was memorable, even though I made it no where near a shot of whiskey. After a night of heavy snowfall during the Sundance Film Festival, the private road leading to the distilling facility at Blue Star Ranch in Wanship was impassable. These things occasionally happen in this high-mountain, semi-rural landscape ... 

Sundance, Full Circle

It’s time for another Sundance Film Festival and, thanks to me, there is a wildly entertaining “how to have a good time in between screenings” narrative-style guide to the festival in SLC and Park City. I wrote about drinking a $30 Manhattan, flying through space in a VR world, valeting my p.o.s. Ford Focus at the Waldorf Astoria, ordering the entire menu at HSL, getting cheese-drunk at Caputo’s, and more. It came out in the Utah Explorer’s Guide in circulation with the Salt Lake Tribune in December, and it's online below. Plus, included in the story are links to a couple bonus features: Touring High West's fairytale distillery and getting snow-blind while skiing for the first time ever. Happy Sundancing!